FedEx and UPS deliveries:
Virginia Stage Company
Attn: Your Name
555 E. Main Street
Suite 1001
Norfolk, VA 23514

Mail and Small Packages:
Virginia Stage Company
Attn: Your Name
PO BOX 3770
Norfolk, VA 23514


Please do not have anything sent directly to the venue address.

If you need to mail something, the easiest thing to do is to visit the US Post Office on Atlantic Street, a full-service post office open between 8:30AM – 2PM. (126 Atlantic Street)

GENeRAL Information and Announcements

Hospitality information will be relayed via the Company Manager. Personal correspondence will resolve personal matters such as travel, housing, and other details. Amenities and other resources can be found in your welcome packet, or in the listing below.

The Gym

Residents of The James and The Lorraine Apartments have access to wonderful gym amenities locates on the first floor (Lorraine) and the second floor (James). Gym rooms have 24 hour access, wireless internet, and are accessible with use of personal key FOBs.


For guest artists, there is available parking at The MacArthur South Garage. Five Dollar per day parking passes can be arranged through The Virginia Stage Company. In the event of artists being housed, parking passes are provided in conjunction with apartments.

The Company Car

Virginia Stage Company provides a shared company car for use by all guests artists in the apartment. This car is primarily for grocery runs and personal errands of the guest artists. Priority is given to guest artists performing errands for the company, and guest artists in emergency circumstances. In the event that the volume of those using the car exceeds 4, a schedule will be worked out with Connor and the Stage Manager, Brianna.

Travel Procedures

In the event of travel that needs to be scheduled, our Company Manager will handle all travel and flight arrangements. In order for travel logistics to run smoothly, we have adopted the following procedures:

1.) Upon receipt of your initial contact email, Connor will confirm your flight information via the initial contact form. He will then confirm your flight no more than a month prior to your arrival date, along with housing information.
2.) Connor will contact you one week prior to your departure for a reminder.
3.) Connor will pick you up from the airport and take you to your guest artist housing. At this time, he will provide you with the Company Car keys or the contact information for whoever is in possession of the keys. If you are not receiving the keys, you may request a grocery store run upon pick-up.
5.) One week prior to your departure from Norfolk, Connor will send the check-out procedure information.
6.) Connor will check in with you 48 hours before your departure to confirm method of transportation.
7.) You will be picked up 1 hour and 45 minutes prior to your flight's departure time.

Travel Procedures (In Hometown)

When guest artists book travel in their hometown, this may be done via Uber, Lyft, or any other preferred transportation service. The receipt will need to be emailed to Connor as soon as possible. This expense will be doubled, and added to the reimbursement check after the residency.

Travel Procedures (Reimbursement Checks)

On the Friday of the final week of residency, the actor will be presented with a reimbursement check to cover travel expenses and any additional reimbursements that may have been incurred during the residency.

Baggage Policy

For guest artists joining us, Virginia Stage Company will reimburse the cost of one checked regular weight bag. Upon receipt of the baggage fee for the first flight, this will be doubled and added to your reimbursement check; so you will not need to provide a return trip receipt.


The shared company car is designated for use in grocery runs and other errands. In the event that the company car is overused, or used by guest artists for performance related functions, Connor will coordinate weekly grocery trips with all guest artists.

Questions? Contact our Company Manager at

Bio & Headshot Submission

Use the form below to submit your bio and headshot for program and publicity materials. You may also email YOUR BIO/HEADSHOT MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE FIRST DAY OF REHEARSAL.

Virginia Stage Company encourages artists to use their bios for the purpose of sharing their professional resume, and personal statements if space allows. We encourage artists to adhere to following structure:

Length: 150 words or fewer.  

Content: (as applicable)
Virginia Stage Company appearances; Broadway, Professional theatrical credits (include company), Professional film credits and TV credits; Training/Education; Personal Notes

Virginia Stage Company italicizes show titles, so please do not put titles in CAPS or "quotes". The first sentence should begin with your name.

e.g. NAME (Character Name) makes his Virginia Stage Company debut... 

Equity Cast will have the opportunity to review, revise, and approve your bio, including any edits, before a final program is printed.

Name (as it appears on contract) *
Name (as it appears on contract)
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