"With Your Name Upon My Lips" - SOLD OUT

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens is thrilled to partner with and host this brand new performance by Virginia Stage Company. Each evening will be an opportunity to experience the Hermitage home in a completely new and unexpected way, opening up preconceived notions about how the museum space offers the arts to visitors.


The Hermitage Museum and Gardens is proud to present WITH YOUR NAME UPON MY LIPS, an interactive, immersive and one-of-a-kind theatrical experience and party. Dive into the 1920s with the Virginia Stage Company and the CORE Theatre Ensemble as you explore the twists and turns on the Hermitage home and blur the boundary between reality and illusion. This unique and interactive event uses original letters from the World War I trenches as inspiration and gives participants a new perspective of the Hermitage home. WITH YOUR NAME UPON MY LIPS promises to be an intriguing party and unforgettable experience unlike anything you have seen in Norfolk before.