Black Light Puppet Theatre wins "50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Award"


The Virginia Commission for the Arts has chosen their "50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Award" recipients. They were selected from an original pool of over 350 nominees by a panel of former Commissioners and arts leaders and confirmed by the full Board of the Virginia Commission for the Arts. 

For fifty years, the VCA has supported and celebrated the vibrant arts culture that is critical to living, learning, and thriving economically in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The "50 for 50 Arts Inspiration Awards" are designed to recognize programs, individuals, and organizations critical to the arts in Virginia.  

The designated "Arts Inspirations" may have played a critical role in the last 50 years, serve as today's leaders and exemplars, or may be tomorrow's visionaries, leading the way to a bright future. We are indeed fortunate in Virginia to have an abundant and diverse roster of outstanding artists and organizations and their supporters spanning disciplines and decades. The 50 selected winners are representative of the best, but this list is far from definitive. Every day in communities across the Commonwealth, thousands of people benefit from the creative energies and pursuit of excellence that characterize Virginia artists and arts organizations.  

Virginia Stage Company's Black Light Puppet Theatre was chosen as an Exemplary Program and Pinnacle Event, described as programs or events from the past 50 years that have demonstrated artistic excellence, celebrated diversity, offered outreach to underserved populations, have engaged community partners and have a visionary or innovative approach to their program or event.

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