Meet our Tempest Community Partners: Teens with a Purpose

August 30, August 31, and September 1, more than 100 Hampton Roads artists from all walks of life will assemble on the Wells Stage via Public Works Virginia’s initiative to present Shakespeare’s The Tempest adapted by Patrick Mullins with music by Jake Hull.

This fully-realized production will be an inclusive, audacious work of theatre presented by Virginia Stage Company, the region’s leading professional theatre company, in collaboration with local artists. Check out our interview with one of our community partners for The Tempest, Teens with a Purpose—and get your FREE tickets to The Tempest here.

Explain your organization for someone who has never heard of it before

Teens With a Purposes creates a platform for young people to come together to find their voice, explore their creativity and use arts as a tool for social discourse and a vehicle to positive change.


How did you begin to collaborate with Public Works VA?

We connected with Public Works through Patrick Mullin's personally volunteering on one of our community theatrical projects this May. We share values and synergy and became fast friends and collaborators.

What is the impact your organization wants to have on the Hampton Roads Community?

We strive to make visible (to them selves and to the community)the beauty, tenacity and encitefulness of young Hampton Roads by putting authentic youth voice front and center as questioner, councilor and innovator, especially marginalized youth.


Teens with a Purpose is exceptional at empowering youth in our community. How can people get involved?

People can join, volunteer or donate time. Treasure or talent by contacting us at or or call 757 7472679

Describe The Tempest in five words or less. 

Savage storm that washes clear.

Learn more about The Tempest, and get your FREE tickets, here.