Local Spotlight: Nomarama's Jarrell Williams!

Learn more about the man behind our Wells Wednesday’s happy hour series partner, Nomarama.

Explain Nomarama to someone who hasn't heard of it before.
Nomarama is #LocalLove promotion and event marketing company. We host original events, events for hire that promote local businesses and encourage the public to do the same. Whether it be our annual Nomarama Slider Competition that we host at O'Connor Brewing Co [coming up on our 5th annual] or our open air food bazaar, the "Nomarama Munchie Market" [multiple pop up food vendors, vibes and energy in one spot], I love to curate new and engaging experiences for people!


Can you tell us a little bit about your background (education, hometown, day job, etc)?
I am originally from the Northern Va area, right outside DC. As long as I can remember I have always loved local busy, my dad owned a clothing store growing up so the idea of entrepreneurship was instilled in me pretty early. As a kid I sold candy bars, cd's and video games from my locker. I owned a little t-shirt company and also would flip items from thrift store for profit years ago.

I moved here in 2006 for college, [I am an ODU Monarch, class of 2011 graduate!] and fell in love with the energy almost immediately. During school, I attended class... for the most part… but most definitely learned more outside the classroom. While in college I picked up on photography, journalism, business and so much more that when Nomarama started I just wanted to do a mixture of all the things that I was interested in. Food was the center focus as I found the mind of a chef fascinating.

What inspired you to create this business?
I started Nomarama originally because I got tired of people complaining about the lack of things locally [food, events & things to do]. There are 7 different cities here, if you cant find something in 7 different cites maybe you are the problem.


What do you find special about the 757?
Its got a lot to offer. 7 cities here, you have the beach, the bay, "urban"/city living, rural... a little of it all. Each city has its own identity, which in some cases can hurt the area but over all its refreshing to get a different vibe and energy everywhere.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to start their own business?
Be real and do it with purpose. Be consistent, honest and the best you can!

It's time to take your place onstage! Join us at the Wells Theatre for happy hour events every Wednesday for the rest of the Summer - AND enjoy delicious food hand-selected by none other than Jarrell himself! Learn more here: www.vastage.org/wellswednesdays