In-School Residencies

Skilled teaching artists create and conduct programs that work to support classroom learning goals by partnering with teachers and administrators in schools throughout the region. In-school residencies are designed to allow students to spend extended time with visiting artists at their home school by participating in activities that further connect performing arts to the broader core curriculum. The overall aim of the residencies is to provide students, teachers and administrators with first-hand opportunities to work with professional performers, enriching school arts programs, and encouraging future artists and arts audiences.

After-School Theater Residency– I.D.E.A.S                  

Interactive Drama for Education and Awareness in Schools and Society

In this drama and literary based residency, students use creative drama techniques and group writing strategies to write and perform original stories and scenes. In doing so, students learn and apply basic acting tools, improvisation games,  and elements of story structure and storytelling techniques as they practice collaboration, play-making with a final performance for the school and family.


We custom-design residencies to meet your specific lesson needs and SOL requirements.

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