Tom Quaintance
Producing Artistic Director

757.627.6988 x343 | tquaintance@vastage.org

Patrick Mullins
Associate Producer

757.627.6988 x310 | pmullins@vastage.org

Chris Hanna
Artistic Director, Emeritus



Alexandra Perez
Company Manager

757.627.6988 x370 | aperez@vastage.org

Karen Dzupinka
Accounting Manager

Cathi Brumfield-McGhee

757.627.6988 x317 | cbmcghee@vastage.org


Melissa Day
Interim Development Director

757.627.6988 x315 | mday@vastage.org
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Brad Tuggle
Director of Marketing

757.627.6988 x306 | btuggle@vastage.org

Connor Norton
Marketing Associate

757.627.6988 | cnorton@vastage.org

Kristin Shapiro
Box Office Manager

757.627.1234 | kshapiro@vastage.org

Roxanne Kehr
Patron Services Coordinator

757.627.1234  |  rkehr@vastage.org

Crystal Tuxhorn
Social Media & Graphic Design

757.627.6988 x328 | ctuxhorn@vastage.org


Ron Newman
Director of Education and Community Engagement

757.627.6988 x358 | rnewman@vastage.org

Madeline Dummerth
Education Coordinator

757.627.6988 x331 | mdummerth@vastage.org
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Michael Mast
Education Stage Manager

757.627.6988 x324 | mmast@vastage.org

Ryan Clemens
Resident Theatre Artist

757.627.6988 x346 | rclemens@vastage.org
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Kat Martin
Resident Theatre Artist, Assistant Director, & Resident Dramaturg

757.627.6988 x324 | kmartin@vastage.org
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Grace Davis
Resident Theatre Artist & Tour Designer

757.627.6988 x324 | gdavis@vastage.org

Jenny DeJaager
Theatre Artist

757.627.6988 x324 | jdejaager@vastage.org


Carolyn Thatcher
Production Manager

757.627.6988 x341 | cthatcher@vastage.org
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Simon Levy
Technical Director & Facilities Manager

757.627.6988 x320 | slevy@vastage.org

Samuel Flint
Properties Manager & Photographer/AV Designer

757.627.6988 x344 | samuelflint@vastage.com 

Jeni Schaefer
Resident Costume Designer & Costume Shop Manager
757.627.6988 x326 | jschaefer@vastage.org

Matthew G. Marholin
Production Stage Manager

757.627.6988 x320 | mmarholin@vastage.org