Virginia Stage Company’s touring productions bring to life exciting new works as well as classics of children’s literature designed to stir the heart, stretch the mind and promote education. Each production lasts under forty-five minutes with a Q & A wrap-up to easily fit into a classroom schedule.  All in-school shows are free and include an online activity guide!



Healthy Fixin's with AppleS and OrangeS

written by Ryan Clemens and appropriate for Grades 3 - 5

Thanks to our partnership with Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters (CHKD) and Kroger VSC is following the 'Steps to a Healthy Me' program! Join Apple and Orange on a humorous journey to good health. Interactive sketches teach how to make healthier food choices, and the types of physical exercise that produce healthy minds and bodies.

Click here for an activity book about healthy food choices from show partner Kroger!

Tours available Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

Performances free with registration for the CHKD and Kroger ‘Steps to a Healthy Me’ program, not to exceed 3 shows/day. Capacity: 250 students/show

Click here to register.

"This was a well-done, timely performance with a great message delivered with humor. I have had several staff members come to me and share that this is the best performance we have had here in a while! Well done! Thank you for your partnership."
- Sharon L. Shewbridge
Principal, Kingston Elementary

"The Healthy Fixin's program this morning was a huge success!  The students were captivated and I heard lots of giggles and expression from our 3rd-5th grade classes.  Thank you for helping us launch our day for Family Fitness Night!"
- Mary Jane Cowen
Kingston Elementary


The Tortoise and The Hare

written by Ryan Clemens and appropriate for Grades PreK - 3

This imaginative retelling of the classic story highlights respecting others, believing in yourself, striving to do your best, and most of all the value of manners over meanness.

Tours run February 4-March 8.
$350 single performance, $250 multiple, not to exceed 3 shows/day. Capacity: 250 students/show.

For more information, contact us via email or by phone 757.627.6988 x331.


Actor Ryan Clemens, descendant of Mark Twain (pen-name of writer Samuel L. Clemens), brings to life the celebrated American author and humorist in this theatrical, hour-long performance. Clemens highlights Twain’s lectures and short stories, as well as classics “Huckleberry Finn,” “Life on the Mississippi,” “Roughing It,” “The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” and more. Audiences love to watch him deftly transform into the varied characters of Twain’s world. Clemens’ performance will show you why Twain’s wit and wisdom remain poignant and laugh-out-loud funny more than 100 years after his passing.

“…the performance was so spellbinding that my students were more than entertained, they were hooked!  Ryan Clemens captured the dialect, the spirit, the sounds, the history, the culture of another era and mesmerized his audience with his one act play.”

-Marianne, High School Teacher, Chesapeake, VA

A show for ages 10 to 110, MEET Mark Twain is a fantastic touring program for schools, libraries, churches, meetings, and fundraisers of all sorts! 

Performances starting at $200, price may increase based on audience size.

For more information on booking please contact us!

In-School Workshops & Residencies

Skilled teaching artists create and conduct programs that work to support classroom learning goals by partnering with teachers and administrators in schools throughout the region. In-school residencies are designed to allow students to spend extended time with visiting artists at their home school by participating in activities that further connect performing arts to the broader core curriculum. The overall aim of the residencies is to provide students, teachers and administrators with first-hand opportunities to work with professional performers, enriching school arts programs, and encouraging future artists and arts audiences.

Shakespeare in Action – $150, 90 min.
This workshop goes beyond traditional analysis to show how iambic pentameter and poetic devices are actually secret codes that teach the actor how to make the text come alive for audiences.

Spontaneous Storytelling – $150, 90 min.
Using a variety of fun, interactive, theatre games and improv exercises, we will engage in discussion and practice of various improvisational storytelling styles and formats in pairs, groups, and solo performance. Lesson points include ideas about creative collaboration, performance energy and connection,  imagination and inspiration, discovering strong physical and emotional character choices, trusting your ideas, and working with cues from genre and music.

Playwriting –  $150, 90 min.
Drama requires action and conflict. This workshop includes exercises that help writers create vivid, three-dimensional characters for the stage.

Adapting Literature to the Stage –  $150, 90 min.
What is the process of making that thick, luscious novel in into a 2 hour theatre piece? How does one communicate period peculiarities to contemporary audiences? Focusing on A Christmas Carol, Matilda, and The Bluest Eye, this workshop takes us on the journey from page to stage.

Improv for the Classroom –  $150, 90 min.
Freeing the mind, fostering collaboration and building positivity are just some of the by-products of Improv. Learn more about using this art form to team build, teach sharing, and create empathy.

Custom Workshop –  $200, 90 min.
If there is a particular subject that would be helpful in your particular field, we are glad to work with you in utilizing the theatrical toolbox and our teaching artists in creating something just for you!


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