Virginia Stage Company’s engagement initiatives use theatre as a catalyst to foster public discourse. We believe that theatre is more than a play, place, or product - it is a living process that can expand thinking and offer fresh perspectives. Learning, critical thinking, and self-confidence all grow as we sit together in one space to contemplate our shared world. Acknowledging and embracing differences in identity is essential to a dynamic cultural conversation - and theatre has just the tools to do that.



The Black Light Puppet Theatre program comes from Virginia Stage Company’s Education and Community Engagement Department’s Theatre for Everyone initiative to provide a theatre experience for individuals of all abilities. 

VSC's partnership with the Arts Inclusion Company welcomes people of All Abilities to participate in all aspects of theatrical arts. Virginia Stage Company strives to promote diversity in the arts by creating opportunities that are inclusive for both performers and audience members. As a part of the Theatre for Everyone initiative, Black Light Puppet Theatre targets people across the spectrum of ability, giving them a chance to learn the art of performance and accomplishment. Our goals include teaching, guiding, and reinforcing skills such as creative expression and interpersonal skills, as well as gaining a sense of confidence through the rehearsal and performance process.

Because its most important devices are visual, underscored with music, most audiences of any age can understand Black Light Puppet Theatre performances. The intended result is a theatrical work that combines grand spectacle with beautiful and moving art, all performed by highly functioning adults with individual abilities, who will be guided and assisted by trained artistic staff and personnel. 

About Arts Inclusion Company: AIC primarily produces theatrical productions including, but not limited to, individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, hearing/vision impairments, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The offer an inclusive environment providing mentorships and workshops.  AIC goals include teaching and reinforcing skills such as creative expression, and interpersonal skills, as well as gaining a sense of confidence while involved in this community-supported company.

Current Session: July 30-August 10, 10AM-2PM

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