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Matilda the Musical | Miss Kitty’s… (Immersive Theatre)

Auditions for Matilda the Musical

Saturday, February 2, 10AM - 3PM
The Governor's School for the Arts, Norfolk, VA 23510

The Virginia Stage Company is seeking actors to fill the precocious and plucky young actor roles in Roald Dahl’s incredible work Matilda.

Auditions are by appointment only. 
(If you have a conflict with the above date, please contact us ASAP for other options.)

Note: If you have previously submitted for these roles then there is no need to again. Your audition is on file and will still be considered in casting.


This musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic book tells the story of Matilda Wormwood, a young girl with a sharp wit and love for books. With her special brand of ingenuity, she dares to stand against the tyranny of adults who seek to crush her imagination. This multi-Tony award-winning musical provides the perfect opportunity for collaboration between Virginia Stage Company and The Governor’s School for the Arts to highlight our local students alongside some of the top professional actors from around the country.

Director: Tom Quaintance 
Music Director: Allan Decipulo

Matilda the Musical Dates:
First rehearsal: Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Designer Run: Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Tech Begins: Friday, May 17, 2019
First preview: Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Opening night: Saturday, May 25, 2019
Closing: Sunday, June 2, 2019

Seeking non-union young performers for:

Matilda and the gang (Lavender, Bruce, Eric, Alice, Nigel, Tommy, Amanda, & Hortensia) are all supposed to be 5-6 years old, are typically played by 9-12 year olds under 5’ tall. Will consider anyone under 16 who might pass as younger.

  • Prepare When I Grow UpNaughty, or Revolting

  • You may be asked to look at either the Matilda, Lavender, or Bruce side (links below).

  • All - if unsure what song to audition with - Kids use the opening of When I Grow Up (0:00-1:20 on this track.) Big Kids/Adult Ensemble use the second verse of When I Grow Up (1:21 to 2:33 on the same track.)  

Matilda - (9-12, female, any ethnicity, British RP dialect) An extraordinarily precocious five-year-old with telekinesis. Actual telekinesis not required, actual precociousness a must. Matilda is a complicated, fierce, clever child living who deals with her neglectful surroundings by escaping into books. A strong singer and good mover, she's used to being the smallest and smartest person in whatever room she's in. Matilda - SongMatilda - Side

Lavender - (9-12, female, any ethnicity, any UK dialect) Matilda’s best friend. Loud and kooky - likes to have fun - big personality. Lavender - Side.

Bruce - (9-12, male, any ethnicity, any UK dialect) Budding comic rock star. Bruce - SideBruce Song - Revolting

To request an appointment, please email auditions@vastage.org; title your email with your desired role or ‘young actor ensemble’. Please submit headshot and resume in order to be considered, and come prepared with the material linked to your desired audition. You will be contacted with your assigned time beginning Tuesday, January 29th.


Adult Ensemble Auditions - Matilda

These will be at a later date in March, please do not request appointments for Adult Ensemble until the notice is announced

Auditions for Miss Kitty’s House of Cosmic Love

Virginia Stage Company seeks to fill the following roles for Miss Kitty’s House of Cosmic Love in conjunction with The Hermitage Museum and Gardens.

"This groovy Wild West Saloon welcomes you to an electric glam vision of the future. Check into Miss Kitty's, have a drink, and go on a tour of Miss Kitty's rooms of delight. Miss Kitty and her friends will show everything you want to know about beauty, desire, and your best self."

This site-sympathetic installation and performance piece takes place at The Hermitage Museum and Gardens. The piece is devised and roles may expand depending on actor skill sets. All positions paid.

Roles Available: Must be over 18yo. All roles open to folks of any gender identity or expression.

Saloon Girl - Age and type flexible - Comfortable talking to strangers and leading tours

Cowboy - Age and type flexible - Comfortable talking to strangers and leading tours

The Photographer - Able to take charge of the room, and pose subjects. This is a character, no equipment required.

Dancer - (Modern/Jazz experience preferred)

The Singer - Comfortable singing jazz standards and American classics

The Pianist - Comfortable with multiple styles of piano including jazz and honky tonk


  • First rehearsal: Sunday, February 17, 2019

    • Rehearsals from 5pm - 10:30pm Monday through Friday

  • Opening night: Saturday, February 23, 2019

    • Show runs Thurs, Friday, and Saturday for two weeks - (Feb 28 - March 2) (March 7 - 9)  

    • Thursdays are one show at 7:30, Friday and Saturday are back to back shows at 7:30 and 9pm.

  • Closing: Saturday, March 9, 2019

To submit:

Please send email titled ‘Miss Kitty - Desired Role’ to pmullins@vastage.org before February 5th. Please include headshot or photo, resume, and emphasize any special skills you may bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I audition for a Virginia Stage Company production?
Virginia Stage Company employs both Equity (LOA referencing LORT) and Non Equity Performers.  All positions are paid. Non Equity pay ranges depending on the role.

Q. How often are auditions held?
Auditions are held throughout our season, typically beginning in August. The best way to know when auditions happen is to sign up for email notifications, see below. (You will only receive emails about upcoming auditions.) 

Q: What do I prepare for the audition?
For individual show auditions, please prepare the side that is appropriate for your character. We will provide a reader to interact with you when presenting your audition. While you are not required to have the lines memorized, we recommend that you at least be highly familiar with them. Make sure to check individual audition listings for recommended sides and show-specific requirements.    

Q: What if I can’t make it to the audition?
If you absolutely cannot make it to the audition, video submissions will be accepted. E-Mail audition@vastage.org for more information.

Q: Can I send you my headshot/resume?
Yes please! E-mail it to audition@vastage.org with the title of the show you are interested in as the subject line – or mail it to the theatre: Virginia Stage Company, PO Box 3770, Norfolk, VA 23514.

Q: What if I do not have a headshot/resume?
We will be taking a photo of you with your audition number at the auditions, but we’d always appreciate a good quality & recent shot of you in lieu of a professional headshot. If you do not have a resume, there will be a space on our audition form for you to fill out any theatre experience you may have.

For specific inquiries, please contact audition@vastage.org.

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