Announcing Old Time Radio Daze!

The “Old Time Radio Daze” is a four-hour workshop and is ideal for adults of all ages, and for young people ages 13 – and up.

This radio show workshop harkens back to the days when families would tune in to hear their favorite live radio programs. In the workshop, participants will engage and work closely with Virginia Stage Company actors and technicians to create an exciting radio episode with sound effect devices. 

Participants will spend the first half of the workshop learning a variety of techniques for performing old-time radio shows through interpretive reading, voice skills, microphone management, and manual and digital sound effects. 

In the second half ofthe workshop, groups rehearse, perform and entertain audiences with assigned scripts and sound effects materials from programs such as “Flash Gordon,” "The Lone Ranger,” and "Suspense Theatre.”

The use of radio scripts allows participants to enjoy performing while avoiding the need to memorize parts.  For young people, the workshop can provide an avenue for learning about the art of putting together a 1930's radio show, and for older performers, it's a great way to maintain interest and activity in the arts.

Military can attend this workshop at no cost by contacting Madeline Dummerth.