This September, more than 100 Hampton Roads artists from all walks of life will assemble on the Wells stage via Public Works Virginia’s initiative to present Shakespeare’s The Tempest adapted by Patrick Mullins with music by Jake Hull. This fully realized production will be an inclusive, audacious work of theatre presented by Virginia Stage Company, the region’s leading professional theatre company, in collaboration with local artists. Community members that have participated in Public Works theatre classes across the region will work with actors, performers, and other professional theatre makers to present a life-changing adaptation of Shakespeare's mystical tale in a one-weekend engagement at the Wells Theatre August 30, August 31, and September 1.

Virginia Stage Company & Public Works VA Presents

The Tempest

Directed by Patrick Mullins

Local Auditions
Saturday, July 13, at the Wells Theatre
Open Call/General Auditions 11AM - 12:30PM (No Appointment Required)

Interested in Volunteering? Sign Up HERE
Volunteer Breakfast July 13 10-11AM

The Tempest is a Shakespearean fairy tale that riffs on classic archetypes but in our production all roles are open to all people because we believe anyone can be a King, a Princess, a Villian, or a Magical Creature.

To request an appointment, please email auditions@vastage.org; title your email “Desired Position (General/Role/Volunteer) - Tempest Auditions ’’. Please send a recent photo of yourself.

This fully realized Public Works Virginia production uses a pageantry style of puppets, movement, and music in this telling of Shakespeare’s iconic story. We will be creating the magical world of the Tempest with up to 75 various performers based on the inspiration of the audition process.

Just show us what you’ve got!

There are multiple means of auditioning -

  • A General Audition to be part of the magical Tempest world -

    • Sing a song, tell a story or joke, share a monologue, a dance, show us something about you!

  • A Part Specific Audition - Please email to request an appointment slot

    • Prepare the “side” for that particular part (Sides found HERE)

  • OR - Just sign up to volunteer and be part of the fun!

The Tempest - Important Dates

*Note: All rehearsal held during evenings and weekends - outside of a traditional work day.

1st Day Rehearsal Monday – July 22, 2019
Tech Begins Friday – August 23, 2019
Opening Friday – August 30, 2019
Closing Sunday – September 1, 2019


Prospero/Prospera - The rightful Ruler of Milan and of this deserted island where they now live. A noble magician and ruler who is grounded after their time on the island, but carries a touch of whimsy. (Reads 40 and up)

Ariel - Prospero’s right hand helper - A sense of high-born nobility, coupled with humble servitude. A true water-sprite whose fickle nature switches from glee to self-righteous anger to devoted love songs in an instant. Non-human. (This character may be created from a composite of several actors - All ages - All genders considered)

Caliban - Half Human/Half Fish and as such lives in the nexus between the magic world and the human world. Practices magic, but as of yet is not very good at it. Loveable and childlike in eagerness, but dangerous in attempts to gain power. (All Ages - All genders considered)

Miranda - The Princess of Milan - Wise beyond her years and experience. Knows about the world through the many books her father preserved, but doesn’t remember seeing another human past him. Insatiably curious, but not afraid to be skeptical or call it as she sees it. (Age 18 - 28)

Ferdinand - The Prince of Naples - An eager young man who finds joy and love even in the lost-ness of being on this magical island. His puppy-like energy makes him eager to find silver linings and unafraid to make bold choices. (Age 18 - 30)

Alonso/Alonsa - The King/Queen of Naples - A well-meaning ruler who is stricken with grief at the perceived drowning of a son. Carries an old world nobility. (Age 38 and up)

Antonio/Antonia - The Fake King/Queen of Milan - This trickster has fooled their sibling into handing over the kingdom. A well-dressed player whose witty charisma serves them whether looking for lovers or instagram followers - but a lack of integrity and wisdom keep the plan short-lived. (Age 28 and up)

Sebastian/Sebastiana - The wanna-be King/Queen of Naples - This sharp-witted poser is easily influenced by Antonio/a’s bravado and almost attempts homicide to make themself the new Ruler. (Age 28 and up)

Trinculo/Trincula - The court jester. Finicky and a bit of a fop, but desperate for love and a good laugh. Afraid of things they don’t understand. A true clown who is all reaction and little reason. (Ages 18 and up)

Stephano/Stephania - The royal butler. Sturdy and sound of body, but loopy of mind. They fall somewhere between Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and The Abominable Snow Rabbit from Looney Tunes. (Ages 18 and up)


Norfolk Rotary Charities
Batten Educational Achievement Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation