Virginia Stage Company strives for an inclusive creative work environment and actively embraces a diversity of people, ideas, talents, and experiences. We highly encourage people of color, individuals with disabilities, and other historically underrepresented groups to audition.

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Virginia Stage Company presents
A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens, Adapted by Patrick Mullins
Directed by Marianne Savell

Local Young Performer Auditions

Friday, September 20 from 3 - 5PM 
The Wells Theatre  |  108 E. Tazewell St., Norfolk
(ages 13 and Under)

Local Auditions

Saturday, September 21 from 12pm - 5pm
The Wells Theatre  |  108 E. Tazewell St., Norfolk

The Virginia Stage Company is seeking local actors to join the jolly and heartwarming ensemble of our holiday tradition A Christmas Carol.

Please be prepared to:

Read your role’s respective side, a reader will be provided. Be prepared to sing your favorite Christmas song or Carol that shows off your voice well, and/or 16 bars of a musical theatre song. Accompanist will be provided.

Sides Available by Clicking Here.

To request an appointment, please email auditions@vastage.org; title your email “Desired Role - Christmas Carol Auditions’’. Please submit a headshot and resume with your email to secure your appointment, only submissions with the above listed items will be considered for an appointment.

IMPORTANT: All appointment confirmations will not be sent until the week of September 9th. Please do not email or request updates on your status until the week of appointment assignments has come.

A Christmas Carol - Important Dates

1st Day Rehearsal Tuesday – November 5, 2019
Opening Night Saturday – November 30, 2019
Closing Sunday – December 22, 2019
Student Matinees Starting on Tuesday, December 3 | Runs Tuesday - Friday at 10:30am, Performances Concluding on Friday, December 20  

A Christmas Carol - Role Descriptions

Note on Roles: While the setting is Victorian London, this production will be cast to reflect all people. Actors of all ethnicities and abilities are encouraged to audition.

+++All actors must be capable of doing British dialect work. Dialect preparation not necessary for audition. 

+++ All parts are open to both Equity and non-Equity performers.

Tiny Tim - Male (or female willing to play male), 6-10  |  The feeble Cratchit child who carries the true spirit of Christmas. Physical tininess is a plus in this role.  Please prepare side 1

Christmas Past - Female, 9+  |   A sprite.  Small yet mighty.   Starts Scrooge on his journey of discovery. Also plays a townsperson and a Cratchit girl. Please prepare side 8

Christmas Present – Male, 40’s-50’s  |   Jolly and strong.  Larger than life. Shows Scrooge the reality of life and the importance of empathy.  Also plays Old Present and Old Joe (cockney character who makes his living off the items left by the dead). Please prepare side 3

Christmas Future – Male, 20’s   |   A backpack-style puppet. This 12' wraith doesn't speak, but his non-verbal sermon crowns Scrooge's journey. Must be physically able to manipulate large puppet. Puppet experience preferred.  Also plays Fred (Scrooge’s nephew, the ultimate optimist), Mr Caroline (a man in debt) and a townsperson. Please prepare side 5

Bob Cratchit - Male, 30+  |  He’s the heart of the play.  Bob is a hardworking family man who is pure optimism and hope.  However, he is no fool. He humbles himself daily to provide for the family he loves and loves to be around.  There is a deep ache inside him for his son Tiny Tim and concern for the future of his children. Please prepare sides 1 or 2

Mrs. Cratchit - Female, 30+ |  A mother of six who is a bit worn by life, but full of love for her children and husband.  Tough and vulnerable. Also plays Mrs Fezziwig (pure joy) and Charwoman (steals from the dead). Please prepare side 1

Undertaker - Male, 20’s-30’s  |  The Undertaker is a realist when it comes to death, no sympathy for the dead.  Also plays Mr Belle, Fezziwig guest, Towns Person and Topper (one of Fred’s friends at the party). Please prepare side 5

Belinda Cratchit - Female, 18-25  |  Can play a wide range of ages.  At times a realist yet fun loving.  Also plays, Fezzi daughter (loved and loving), Mrs Fred (poor but happy!) and Mrs Dilber (takes from the dead). Please prepare side 5

Martha Cratchit - Female,  20’s  |  Bob Cratchit’s oldest child.  She has a job and contributes to the family.  Not much of a future in store for her, but she is loved and loves her family.  Also plays a townsperson, Fezzi daughter (fun party girl), Edith (desperate for help) and Mrs. Caroline (a woman in debt). Please prepare side 1

Belle - Female, 18-25  |   Scrooge's first love. The daughter of a wealthy merchant who leaves him because of his growing greed. Also plays Older Belle. Please prepare side 4

Young Scrooge - Male, 18-25   |  The younger version of himself that he meets on his journey to the past. Charming, charismatic, and completely unconscious of his growing greed.  Also plays a few other characters. Please prepare side 4

Dick Wilkins - Male, 18-25   |  A good guy and best buddy of Ebenezer Scrooge.  He also works for Mr Fezziwig. Also plays a Banker and townsperson. Please prepare side 7

Boy Cratchit - Male, 7-11 |  One of the delightful Cratchit children. Also plays Ignorance (a dangerous creature). Please prepare side 10

Fan - Female, 6-10  |  Ebenezer's sister who helped rescue him from the boarding school as a child. She is a bit thin or frail, due to a physical ailment mentioned in the text. This actor also plays a Cratchit child, a street urchin and Want (a desperate creature). Please prepare side 11

Boy Scrooge - Male, 8-13  |  The youngest version of Ebenezer that we meet. He is a lonely boy at school, who is rescued by his sister. Also plays Peter Cratchit and the Turkey Boy. Please prepare side 10 and 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I audition for a Virginia Stage Company production?
Virginia Stage Company employs both Equity (LOA referencing LORT) and Non Equity Performers.  All positions are paid. Non Equity pay ranges depending on the role.

Q. How often are auditions held?
Auditions are held throughout our season, typically beginning in August. The best way to know when auditions happen is to sign up for email notifications, see below. (You will only receive emails about upcoming auditions.) 

Q: What do I prepare for the audition?
For individual show auditions, please prepare the side that is appropriate for your character. We will provide a reader to interact with you when presenting your audition. While you are not required to have the lines memorized, we recommend that you at least be highly familiar with them. Make sure to check individual audition listings for recommended sides and show-specific requirements.    

Q: What if I can’t make it to the audition?
If you absolutely cannot make it to the audition, video submissions will be accepted. E-Mail auditions@vastage.org for more information.

Q: Can I send you my headshot/resume?
Yes please! E-mail it to auditions@vastage.org with the title of the show you are interested in as the subject line – or mail it to the theatre: Virginia Stage Company, PO Box 3770, Norfolk, VA 23514.

Q: What if I do not have a headshot/resume?
We will be taking a photo of you with your audition number at the auditions, but we’d always appreciate a good quality & recent shot of you in lieu of a professional headshot. If you do not have a resume, there will be a space on our audition form for you to fill out any theatre experience you may have.

For specific inquiries, please contact auditions@vastage.org.

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