Pole Sitting + Architectural Inspiration: Meet Ruth

A New York native, Ruth spends the summer of 1933 in Norfolk, working at the Ocean View Amusement Park. When we first meet her, she's working towards her master's degree in architecture from Columbia University.

While working at Ocean View, she befriends young Granby Collins, and they develop a life-long friendship. That fateful summer also gives her the inspiration for her lifelong architectural dreams.

Ruth is friendly and generous to those she cares for. She is a hard-working, driven young woman, committed to her goals and to making the world a better place. 

Ruth is also loosely based on some amazing female architects that are often overlooked. Click here to read a great article from Arch Daily about some women who made waves in the field. 

You can still meet Ruth "in person" at ODU's Goode Theatre tonight through Sunday. Don't miss this world premiere performance of I Sing the Rising Sea!