Remembrances, Recollections, & Memorials

Help us collect stories in memory of the vibrant lives of the people who helped shape Hampton Roads and are no longer with us. Tell us about someone who inspired you, made a difference to you, or delighted you.  Is there a story about your grandmother, a local business owner, a teacher, a mom, an artist, or a neighbor that we should all know? It is by understanding the people who shaped our community that we begin to process who we can be and how we can get there. Let’s find out more about #OurTown757!


What are some examples of what we are looking for?
In the early days of Virginia Stage Company, a small group of volunteers put a big project on their back and created the company we are today: do you know anyone who has founded a pivotal organization in Hampton Roads? Big or small, we want to hear about it all!

How will the story be captured?
We are collecting stories utilizing interviewers with voice recorders. Some may be transcribed for print use. You can come to us; we can arrange to come to you; and in special situations we will facilitate long-distance recordings.

What if I don’t know all the details?
Tell us what you do know, and we’ll do some investigative reporting!

Does it have to have a happy story?
Sometimes the most important stories aren’t all warm and fuzzy. We are interested in hearing about all of Hampton Roads, and that includes our difficult times as well as our joyous ones.

Do I have to tell/write/record it myself?
Not at all! If you know a story that we should hear, we will set up a recording session for you and an interviewer, assist you in putting the words on paper, or work to find the right person to interview.